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Luthier Built Community Connecting Musicians and Luthiers Launched

A new community aimed at bringing together musicians and luthiers

We received an interesting letter from Bob Newby announcing a new community aimed at bringing together musicians and luthiers. Here's the word on Luthier Built:

"Luthier Built is my vision for making far more musicians aware -- and appreciative -- of the world's independent makers and restorers of stringed musical instruments.

"We are building a worldwide community of luthiers and others involved in lutherie. We are gathering at We are authoring and publishing articles about luthiers' creative relationships with players, along with the journals (blogs) of individual makers. Readers will gain insight to an interesting question, "What is possible with a custom made instrument?"

"We will also be writing about the great work of other organizations and individuals who, like we, are deeply passionate about music, and about connection with others.

"Luthier Built has lofty ambitions. Over the next few years, we will become the world's destination-of-choice for strings players and enthusiasts who are either curious about lutherie or actively seeking the instruments and the instrument makers of their dreams. Often, that dream maker is located nearby.

"Unfortunately, a common experience is, 'I am looking for a luthier, but cannot find one.' Luthier Built will fill this basic information gap. Our site is evolving into the only directory that embraces all types of string instruments, all luthiers and lutherie services, and all geographies -- a directory that is fully searchable.

"Our community's embrace of all string instruments is as much a benefit for our luthier members as it is for musicians, because this opens up a world of cross-fertilization to which they are unaccustomed. This brings best practices and excellence to all artisans -- from students to amateurs to full-time professionals.

"Luthier Built is not just a simple directory, a simple listing with no presence by the persons who are listed. It is a resource written and actively maintained by our luthier members -- for strings players. It allows players to easily contact and communicate with the luthiers they are interested in working with. Individual luthiers may present their personal backgrounds, audio and video of their instruments being played, embedded viewing and browsing of their own websites, their shop journals, and more. This is a vibrant directory, unlike any other.

"Moreover, as an active community of the world's lutherie artisans, Luthier Built is committed to reaching out to musicians and letting them know what their hand-crafted and custom options really are. Frankly, we believe that most musicians are simply unaware of how many luthiers are at work today making and restoring superb instruments, of how passionate they are about their craft, and of what they offer to players of all kinds of instruments and music.

"I encourage you to visit our young site. It has just begun its informal launch. This is a great time, in particular, for makers and restorers to explore and consider joining Luthier Built. Those who join the community this year, during its free-enrollment period, qualify for significant discounts off their 2011 memberships."
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