Marshall unveils the JMD:1, which combines many of their classic amp tones for a versatile gigging tool.

Anaheim, CA (January 14, 2010) -- Marshall unveiled their latest amp model, the JMD:1, at a pre-NAMM release party.

The JMD:1 aims to fuse all of the equipment, technology and tones of professional guitar rigs and fuse them into one line of amplifiers. Marshall drove home their goal of versatility at the release party on Wednesday night with performances ranging from Zakk Wylde's ear-splitting metal to Keith Urban guitarist Brian Nutter's country pickin' to Allison Robertson's The Donnas brand of punk.

The JDM:1 series is launching with the following models:
JDM100 100-watt head
JDM50 50-watt head
JDM102 100W 2x12 combo
JDM501 50W 1x12 combo

Brian Nutter (Keith Urban) demoing the JDM:1 series at the release party.
The JDM:1 amps combine state-of-the-art digital pre-amp technology with studio-quality FX and sheer EL34 valve power. Working in close partnership with Swedish software house Softube, the Marshall team have created what they call the latest evolutionary benchmark in hybrid amplifiers that picks up where the JMP-1 left off.

The amps feature Marshall's proprietary EL34 power amp section that is fundamental to many of the company's all-tube amplifiers. It is paired with a completely new digital preamp that uses Softube's patented "Natural Harmonic Technology." The system matches the dynamic reactions of valve amplifiers and the way they behave to various intensities of playing, ensuring that every note feels right.

The FX section offers 10 completely adjustable effects, custom voiced to complement the dynamic nature of the amps, including a highly-responsive noise gate feature. Other included effects are Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo, Analog Delay, Tape Delay, Hi-Fi Delay, Multi Delay and Reverb. A total of three FX can be used simultaneously: Noise Gate/Modulation, Delay and Reverb.

The JMD:1 also features extensive programmability and the JMD:1 Footcontroller. The JDM:1 Footcontroller is a dual mode, 6-way stomp box that contains Marshall's patented Stompware footswitching. The footswitch allows you to assign any front panel switch or either of the four channels to any footswitch. It can also be converted to Preset Store to deliver seven preset banks with four patches each. The amps come with 28 factory presets, but also allow you to program your own sounds into any patch in any bank.

There are four preamp options in each Clean, Crunch, Overdrive and Lead sections.

Clean 1: Modern is based on the mighty JVM Series' Clean channel to produce one of the brightest, tight controlled Marshall cleans.
Clean 2: Full is based on the JCM2000 DSL100, providing a vibrant clean sound with glassy bright edge and fat resonant punch.
Clean 3: Classic comes straight out of the JMP-1 tonal vault and is ideal for rich chords and softer tones.
Clean 4: Natural is the JMD:1's own new sound, designed to let the natural tone of the guitar and the amp's power amp section take center stage.

Crunch 5: Vintage is a unique marriage of the 1974 and 1959 models. The tonal character of the 1974 has been matched perfectly with the 1959's EQ section and is ideal for classic rhythm sounds.
Crunch 6: Classic is based on the JCM800 2203 for an up-front focused sound.
Crunch 7: Deep is a satisfying warm tone resembling the Marshall Haze 40 with Boost and Bright engaged.
Crunch 8: Full brings back the 1974 for a full-fat rhythm tone with extra clarity in the mids.

Allison Robertson (The Donnas) demoing the JDM:1 series at the release party.
Overdrive 9: Classic is based on the JMP-1's OD2 channel.
Overdrive 10: Modern provides gain courtesy of the JVM410H Crunch channel at its highest gain change.
Overdrive 11: Deep combines the Bluesbreaker II and JCM800 2203 to blend '80s roar and '70s bottom-end.
Overdrive 12: Detuned provides an aggressive modern metal tone through the Mode Four's menacing OD2 channel and is ideal for down-tuned/baritone guitars.

Lead 13: Deep combines the a boosted Bluesbreaker II pedal and a Haze40 combo for a deep, growling tone.
Lead 14: Solid is based on the original Guv'nor Distortion for a throaty, pedal-driven overdrive.
Lead 15: Classic delivers the "tone shifted" Crunch of the revered JCM2000 DSL Series and enhanced with the Bluesbreaker pedal topology for cutting '90s lead tones.
Lead 16: Modern draws from the JVM410H for an all-around modern lead sound from the amp's OD1 channel.

Announced retail prices for the amps are:
JMD100 £800
JDM50 £690
JDM102 £920
JDM501 £780

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