Marshall Introduces Class 5 1x10" Combo

Marshall announces the new Class 5 1x10" combo amp

(August 4, 2009) - Marshall, the forefathers of the current low-wattage movement have announced the Class 5 amp, a 5-watt all-tube combo.  The amp keeps it simple with a stripped-down feature set that includes only four knobs - Volume, Treble, Mids and Bass.

Marshall says that despite its small size, the Class 5 will be capable of a wide range of sounds, from sparkling cleans to thick, full crunch and soaring lead tones.  It also responds well to a turn of the guitar's volume knob, allowing for a dynamic playing experience.

A single EL84 sends pure tube tone to the speaker, a Celestion G10F-15.  The specially-designed speaker gives the Class 5 a surprising amount of low-end clout for an amp this size, while retaining definition and clarity.  Back panel headphone and 16 Ohm outputs allow for enjoying the amp in private, or cranking up through a 4x12 stack to share it with the world.

An ideal choice for the bedroom or studio, the Class 5 is expected to retail for under $500.

For more information:
Marshall Class 5

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