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May 2007 New Products

New products for May

Hartman Electronics 8va Octave Fuzz Pedal

The Hartman 8va is a faithful recreation of one of rock’s seminal effects: the Tycobrahe Octavia. Using carefully selected components to replicate the exact signal chain of the early ‘70s Tycobrahe, the Hartman 8va delivers the full range of classic tones of the original. Frequently requested defeatable mods are available including Octave On/Off, and a specially designed input level trim to accentuate the octave character of the sound. Features heavy-duty true-bypass switching, ON/OFF LED indicator, external 9VDC power in jack. Each unit carries a one year limited warranty.

MSRP $169.99
Hartman Electronics 8va Octave Fuzz Pedal

Seymour Duncan SFX-05 Lava BoxSeymour Duncan SFX-05 Lava Box

The latest effects release from Seymour Duncan, the Lava Box is not an ordinary Mosfet distortion/overdrive pedal. It actually reacts more like a great amp than a stompbox, with the depth and dynamics that give wellmade amps so much character. It features the six-position “Rumble” bass roll-off control, allowing players to change the sonic character of the Lava Box’s distortion for a huge range of tones.

MSRP $149

Carvin NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar

The NS1 Nylon Synth Access guitar combines nylon string acoustics with the power of MIDI. Players can plug a standard guitar cable into the instrument to play through any acoustic amp or PA – the NS1’s active EQ circuits deliver a full bottom end that accurately conveys the sound of a full-sized acoustic guitar – or they can plug into a guitar synthesizer module using the provided 13-pin cable. The instrument is MIDI compatible with synthesizer controllers such as Roland’s GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer, VG-88 V-Guitar System, the Roland GI-20 GK-MIDI Interface, the Axon AX100 Guitar- MIDI converter, and many more.

MSRP $1399
Carvin NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar

BBE Soul Vibe Effects PedalBBE Soul Vibe Effects Pedal

New from BBE Sound, the Soul Vibe is an analog Uni-Vibe effect that was known for its phase-like rotary speaker effects and made popular in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s by players such as Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour and Robin Trower. Features include controls for speed and intensity, a true hardwire bypass, plus 9-volt DC inlet.

MSRP $189

Yamaha MS5000 Music Stand

Yamaha introduces the MS5000 – lightweight, yet durable, and providing a high quality stand at a low price. Constructed of super-sturdy round tubing, the stands also feature a permanently attached swivel joint that connects the stand to the base. The MS5000 is geared toward gigging musicians who need a quality stand that is sturdy enough to hold heavy music books, compact enough to fit in a car trunk and light enough to be transported easily.

MSRP $59.99
Yamaha MS5000 Music Stand

SPL and Tonehunter Analog Guitar Speaker SimulatorSPL and Tonehunter Analog Guitar Speaker Simulator

SPL and Tonehunter introduce a new guitar speaker and microphone stand-in called the Transducer. The Transducer features authentic sound qualities and real time response – in contrast to digital simulations with latencies in processing. It also gives the player independence from volume levels and room acoustics during performances or recording sessions and provides a live signal in recording quality without crosstalk from miking. The Transducer’s two main controls, Speaker Action and Miking Level, simulate changes in speaker cones and microphones at different levels, and it includes a variety of speaker, housing and microphone options.

MSRP $1500

Shark Inlay Custom Truss Rod Cover Design

Shark Inlay introduces a number of new, custom inlaid truss rod covers for PRS, Taylor, and Ovation Guitars. The covers are designed to perfectly replace the standard covers that are supplied by the company. They install simply with a small screw driver in less than a minute. The artwork is created by master inlay artists, and can be custom ordered in a variety of materials, including Mother of Pearl, Paua, Red Abalone, semiprecious stones, and exotic woods.

Starting at $100
Shark Inlay Custom Truss Rod Cover Design

Line 6 Floor POD PlusLine 6 Floor POD Plus

Line 6 has added the Floor POD Plus to the POD line of products. The POD line can be used as a front-end multieffects/ tone pedal for any bass or guitar amp, a complete direct to PA and recording tone solution, or simply the ultimate headphone practice device. Floor POD Plus comes loaded with 32 amp models and 16 cab models. In addition, the guitarist now has access to six delay models, full-time compressor, and 20 other effects including choruses, flangers, reverbs, sub-octave, synth and much more.

MSRP $419.99

Dan Armstrong Sound Modifiers

Grafton Electronics announces the reintroduction of Armstrong Sound Modifiers. Originally designed for electric guitars, these simple, compact and rugged accessories can plug into any electrified instrument. The series, comprised of six individual units, is built in a sturdy, attractive aluminum housing with only the finest quality components. Handmade in the U.S.A. and powered by an included single 9-volt battery.

MSRP $119.95
Dan Armstrong Sound Modifiers

Core One Creative Kpur Zero.Pro StrapCore One Creative K‘pur Zero.Pro Strap

Core One Creative announces the reintroduction of the K‘pur Zero.Pro Wireless Strap. The Zero.Pro, first introduced in 2002, features a wireless holder, speed clips attached to end pieces that make strap locks un-necessary, and strap material made from “K‘purthane”, an almost indestructible material that is capable of taking 280 lbs of pulling pressure, will not absorb moisture, and is guaranteed for life to not break.

MSRP $49.99

UCL PorchBoard Bass

The PorchBoard Bass is the premier analog instrument for adding deep bass self-accompaniment rhythm with the tap of a foot. The newest model, the UCL PorchBoard features both XLR and ¼” outputs for stage setup diversity. It includes two interchangeable heel rails to accommodate seated or standing musicians. The UCL is manufactured using durable composites, disassembles for compact travel, and includes a handy gig bag.

MSRP $199.95
UCL PorchBoard Bass

Shadow Sonic DoublePlay Dual Pickup SystemShadow Sonic DoublePlay Dual Pickup System

Shadow’s dual pickup system for acoustic amplification combines a Nanoflex pickup in the bridge and the brand new NanoMAG at the fingerboard. The heart of Sonic Doubleplay is its blend control – with the blend control, you can mix the Nanoflex pickup in the bridge and the magnetic NanoMAG at the fingerboard, yielding a wide range of different sounds and colors. Shadow’s soundhole-fitted preamps for acoustic and classical guitars are designed for sonic clarity, ease of installation and preservation of your instrument.

MSRP $360