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New Gear from Summer NAMM '09, Part 2

More gear from the floor in Nashville

We're back with more photos of Summer NAMM's coolest offerings, direct from the floor, via our Twitter. We're working hard on editing all of the footage from the show, so check back often for more video demos.

Coolness with 6 strings -- The vibey, stratty, telepathic Reverend Six Gun.

Guitar Hands lotion for players. Keeps hands slick. Many demo players at this show tried it and are raving!

Mad Professor's Sweet Honey overdrive

Coolest looking banjo ever? By Doc Fossey.

Martin guitars David Crosby 12 string. Made with the 2-in-1 bridge pin set-up that Croz McGuyvered.

Kay reissue Jazz II archtop with Bigsby. Same guitar Clapton used with the Roosters.

Gorgeous Collings C10 Deluxe acoustic. Doghair mahogany, midnight black stain w/ white grain fill.

A Mad Professor amp that will sell for around $2K. The Old School 21.

The cab of all cabs from Simple Amps- the Texas Full Stack.

New Nuno amp: Randall NB King 112 combo

The Neverkink cable clip, helps if you're always stepping on your cord

Beatles Straps from Planet Waves

The first look at a new Randall modular head.. Check out this prototype of the RM22

Nylon awesomeness: Yamaha's NTX900 has a cutaway, flame maple back/sides. No wonder Rodrigo y Gabriela play them!

New wireless system w/ very small transmitter & receiver units. 100 foot range. Company is called Radian.

Long time Italian brand EKO now back in US. Any of you older cats recognize the Rock IV or the Camaro?

Acoustic hottie from Breedlove: A25 Custom w/ Moon Spruce top, Aussie Blackwood back/sides, ebony binding