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New Line of Electronic Switching Systems from PuPSwitch

PuPSwitch releases four different pickup switching models for new lineup

Palmdale, CA (June 4, 2009) -- After spending two years refining designs, Keith Gomarac (President of PuPSwitch) is pleased to announce the release of four new electronic switching systems from PuPSwitch.  

Models 1 and 2 are based on a 12-position rotary switch, designed to give players maximum flexibility with their pickup configuration. Model 3 was specifically designed for 3 pickup guitars with a 5-way blade switch, and Model 4 is based on a heavy duty 3-way toggle. Gomarac says Model 4 was a refinement of Models 1 and 2 for players who don't want as many switching options, and it gives users the ability to select a personal pickup wiring scheme with tiny DIP switches on the back of the unit. The DIP switches can be changed any time in order to accommodate variety of musical styles and playing environments.

When designing the four new models, Gomarac paid close attention to batteries and power consumption. He says, "Players wouldn’t accept a switching system that needs frequent battery replacement since passive switches don’t need batteries.” So, Gomarac steered away from the standard 9V batteries and instead uses two type A23 12V batteries. All switches were designed for ultra-low power consumption so average battery life is about two years. 

Retail prices are as follows:
PuPSwitch 1 - $84.95
PuPSwitch 2 - $84.95
PuPSwitch 3 - $94.95
PuPSwitch 4 - $69.95

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