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El Cajon, CA (November 15, 2007) – For many people, a guitar manufacturer’s media offerings are the equivalent of a trip to the music store. Though actually getting a chance to hold and play a guitar is always the best way to demo one, online offerings come pretty close as they provide audio, video and more specs, background info and testimonials than you’d ever get in a brief chat with a music store employee. As such, we find ourselves updating you on a manufacturer’s media offerings often in the “Today’s News” section on

The latest guitar manufacturer media update we have for you is the launch of Taylor’s new website for their electric guitars. As you know, Taylor has created quite a buzz with news of their SolidBody Standard, a completely original model that evolved from a custom pickup the folks at Taylor created and were excited to bring to the world as part of a complete electric package. is the place to go for everything you’d like to know about the company’s SolidBody Standard, SolidBody Classic and SolidBody Custom, as well as their acoustic/electric hybrids -- the T5 Standard and the T5 Custom semi-hollowbodies.

The “Video” section of the new site includes artist clips from Tommy Shaw (Styx/Damn Yankees), double-platinum selling singer/songwriter Jason Mraz, 2007 CMA Horizon Award-winner Taylor Swift, and Ultimate Guitar Show host Marc Seal. There is also an intimate glimpse inside 2010 Design, home of Taylor’s Product development team. You can see a brainstorming session with company president/innovative luthier Bob Taylor and guitar designers David Hosler and Brian Swerdfeger. They discuss Taylor''s focus on original concepts, an example being its electronics evolution from the Expression System, to proprietary T5 pickups, to the Style I and Style II humbuckers of the new SolidBody electric.

Interactive features of the website include the ever-popular “T5 Soundcheck,” where nearly 200 sound clips of possible T5 tones are available for audition. You can also play with a palette of color swatches to “paint” a virtual T5 Standard or Custom with your color choices. Visitors can also share information, comments and images with friends and colleagues via links to three popular online social networks, Digg, Facebook and

In the “Features” sections, in-depth explanations of both guitars are offered, and in “Specs,” complete specifications and pricing for SolidBody Classic, Standard and Custom models, and T5 Standard and Custom six and twelve string models are available.

The website also features photo galleries that include shots of Shakira, Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman and Louisiana R&B rocker Marc Broussard playing the T5, as well as pictures of Taylor employees and factory tour visitors test-driving the SolidBody.

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