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New Warwick Products

New Warwick Products

German-engineered pedal case and axe stand

Markneukirchen, Germany (December 13, 2007) - It''s that time of year -- gear manufacturers are already giving sneak peeks at some of the new stuff they plan to roll out next year, much of which will be showcased at NAMM -- the big industry trade show that takes place January 17-20.

Among Warwick''s new products are the RockCase pedal case and the RockStand "Corner Flat Pack" instrument stand.

The RockCase Effects Pedal Case features a sturdy aluminum case with a foam-lined inner lid. It has Velcro for securing pedals and the floorboard is inclined slightly, giving you comfortable access to each pedal. This model comes with a nickel-plated steel spring handle with see-through PVC-hose. The RockCase has solid hinges, four chromed butterfly latches, aluminum edges, chromed corners and PVC-feet. It measures 31.50" x 19.69" and weighs 26.45 lbs.

Warwick''s RockStand "Corner Flat Pack" guitar stand allows you to fit five or seven instruments into a corner. Room corners are well-suited for putting single guitar or bass stands in them, but fitting multi-instrument stands comfortably in corners was not possible until now. You can also put four RockStand "Corner Flat Packs" together in a circle.

The patented RockStand "Corner Flat Pack" is available in black for five and seven instruments. All edges that come in contact with the instrument are padded so it is safe for all finishes. It has sturdy metal construction and it is foldable for easy storage and transport. The stand’s assembly is very easy. Five non-skid rubber feet allow for a secure hold; the front three feet are also adjustable.

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