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Acorn Amps Reveals the F#%k Face Fuzz

Acorn Amps

The circuit is based on a legendary fuzz with a different face.

The F#%k Face is a triple gain stage fuzz with thick and meaty sustain that sounds huge in front of a slightly cranked tube amp. Baseball card collectors from the late 80's will immediately recognize the infamous 'error card' imagery of the same name.

The circuit is based on a legendary fuzz with a different face, but with an additional gain stage, the F#%k Face is voiced to retain more full bodied, useable, and dynamic fuzz tones all along the sweep of the two controls.

F#%k Face Fuzz Pedal - Acorn Amplifiers and Effects


  • Dynamic 'Level' and 'Fuzz' controls
  • Iconic baseball 'error card' graphics recreated atop a fresh take of a legendary fuzz circuit
  • True Bypass
  • Hand built and hand wired from start to finish by obsessive compulsive perfectionists in Atlanta, GA
  • Assembled entirely with high-quality, audio grade components and ruggedlatching foot switch and metal Switchcraft jacks and powered by standard 9V pedal power

The F#%k Face is sold for $139.00 and is available April 1st 2021 at and select dealers.