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AxLabs Hardware Launches with the Habanero Loaded Pickguard

AxLabs Hardware Launches with the Habanero Loaded Pickguard

Handwired in small batches, the AxLabs Habanero-loaded pickguard system features all top-shelf components including USA-made Habanero Serrano Pickups from the legendary GroverJackson, a Pure Tone multi-contact output Jack, custom AxLabs switches and potentiometers, Orange Drop capacitor, and Gavitt cloth jacketed wire.

AxLabs Hardware is celebrating their official launch with the release of the Habanero by Grover Jackson prewired pickguard. Standard 8 (vintage) and 11 (modern)mounting hole patterns will allow for drop-in fitting on most S-type guitars. Installation can be completed in mere minutes!

Habanero Serrano Pickups by Grover Jackson

The Habanero Serrano Single Coils are Grover Jackson's own Texas-style, high-output take on the classic designs from the 50s and 60s. Utilizing his decades of experience and passionate knowledge of the instrument, the Serrano pickups are designed and handmade in California with all top-shelf alnico magnets, bobbins, and wire.

Using Alnico III magnets, the fuller and warmer tones offer the right amount of fatness for the modern player while still retaining the chimey high end of the classics. The neck has warmer bubbliness, the middle pup harnesses a fatter midrange, and the bridge cuts through the tastebuds with stinging clarity. And when combined in a set, positions 2 and 4 give off those prototypical "out-of-phase" chucks of yesterday with a distinctively modern flavor. Grover also modified the staggering of the pole pieces to better suit modern neck shapes and string gauges than its vintage predecessors.

Custom AxLabs Potentiometers

Unlike any other potentiometers on the market, AxLabs pots were specifically designed for electric guitars with painstaking attention to detail.

Featuring the first completely linear taper available, the AxLabs volume control offers the smoothest (and most musical) feel without any of the lag normally associated with turning the knobs. Volume swells are now 100% linear whereas tone controls retain the classic audio taper.

AxLabs potentiometers also feature machined brass shaft sleeves and are lubricated with 3different types of grease used in specific areas of the moving parts for ultra-smooth rotation. Shafts are then reinforced with a retainer ring positioned for strength and to reduce friction. Lastly, a nickel-plated steel housing was used for the ease of gripping solder as well as the classic, high-end look of vintage pots.

Pure Tone PTT1 Output Jack

A modern-day classic, the patented Pure Tone full-contact jack contains dual tension grounds and dual positive tips for optimal signal flow and lowest possible noise. 100% greater surface area at all contact points creates a more stable connection while eliminating frequency spikes. No more noise crackle caused by pressure grounds!

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