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Grover Jackson and AP International Music Supply Launch Habanero Pickups

Grover Jackson and AP International Music Supply Launch Habanero Pickups

Featuring a variety of humbuckers and single coil designs, each pickup is handmade in California to Grover’s rigorous and time-tested specifications using all top-shelf alnico magnets, bobbins, and wire.

AP International Music Supply is proud to announce the release of the Habanero Pickups line from legendary luthier Grover Jackson. From vintage-inspired designs to hot new flavors, Habanero Pickups add a touch of spice to the mix by utilizing Grover’s decades of experience and passionate knowledge of the instrument.

Grover Jackson has made an indelible fingerprint on nearly all aspects of the guitar industry for over forty years, notably including the creation of the Jackson and Charvel brands in the early 80s. Since that time, he has been involved with the engineering, production, and release of countless designs as a consultant and luthier for many other major brands.

AP International Music Supply has over four decades of experience in the music industry, manufacturing and/or distributing Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems, Pure Tone Output Jacks, RayRoss Bass Bridges, HexHider, DMI Guitar Labs, KTS Titanium, ProRockGear, and more while also supplying OEM products to a multitude of brands in the industry. They will soon be launching AxLabs Hardware, a comprehensive line of quality guitar components from standard replacements, exact vintage-spec reproductions, and new innovations with collaborations from many notable industry insiders, including Grover himself.

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