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AP International Announces the 5-String Ray Ross Bass Bridge

AP International Announces the 5-String Ray Ross Bass Bridge

The new bridge features a proprietary saddle-less tone pin design.

Wall Township, NJ (October 4, 2019) -- Inventor Aaron Ross, along with veteran manufacturer and distributor AP International, has released a 5-string version of the acclaimed Ray Ross™ Bass Bridge featuring his proprietary saddle-less tone pin design.

Rather than utilizing a traditional saddle to provide a string break, the Ray Ross™ tone pin keeps the string completely straight from the bridge to the nut. This concept removes the “kink” from the string, providing increased vibrational energy through the strings and into the body of the instrument. The tone pin feature allows maximum transference to the instrument so you can get the most of the bass itself, not solely the “color” of the bridge. And being comprised of solid naval brass, the ensuing sound is articulate, resonant, and full-bodied.

On a standard bridge, downward force applied to the instrument from the string is restricted due to the saddles providing relief between the string and body. The Ray Ross™ negates this concept and applies nearly 100% of the string tension downward allowing the string to resonate freely, giving the cleanest possible path from your fingertips to your ears.

As on the 4-string version, height adjustments are done via a lateral action adjustment wheel that raises and lowers the tone pin and retains full connection from the string to the bridge plate. An intonation lateral adjustment wheel allows for painless macro and micro adjustments while also preventing the saddle from moving over time.

As Ross himself states, “Each note rings with undeniable clarity. All the delicious, juicy flavor from the 4-string is still there, but now we have the fifth string added to the mix which means no more flat, dead, mushy, or flaccid low B!”

The new 5-string Ray Ross™ Bass Bridge is available in both narrow 17 mm and wide 19 mm string spacings to fit a variety of popular basses on the market.

AP International, distributors of Floyd Rose, Pure Tone Technologies, KTS Titanium, and more are exclusive distributors of the product. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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