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AxLabs Releases String Surfer Brass Roller Saddles

AxLabs Releases String Surfer Brass Roller Saddles

Precision machined from solid brass, these saddles offer enhanced density and tonal qualities, delivering a sharper attack, extended sustain, and a warmer tone compared to stock thin pressed-steel or zinc block-style saddles.

Moreover, the roller mechanisms significantly minimize friction and binding, allowing the strings to effortlessly glide over the saddle surface. Not only does this advancement ensure a more precise string return during bends, but it also effectively minimizes the occurrence of string breakage on tremolo-equipped instruments.

The String Surfer kits come with brass roller saddles, height adjustment set screws, intonation screws, and intonation springs. Available now at and other online outlets!

Street price: $96 - $103

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