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Chris Shiflett Releases New Song "Dead And Gone"

Chris Shiflett Releases New Song "Dead And Gone"

Shiflett turns out another L.A.-meets-Nashville rocker, and announces part of the Americanafest 2023 lineup.

“It’s kind of classic country chords,” says Chris Shiflett about his brand new tune “Dead And Gone.” The first song he tracked with Jaren Johnston (Cadillac Three) producing, “Dead And Gone” touches on some old friends of Shiflett’s who, as the first verse goes, “Passed away, just another Saturday night mystery.” “My hometown was an odd mix of luxury paradise and working-class grit and continues to be a bottomless pit of lyrical inspiration,” says Shiflett. “Sad to say there’s been more than a few friends who’ve left us too soon, so there are lots of stories there…kind of a lost generation.” Fans can hear “Dead And Gone” right now at this link.

Chris Shiflett - Dead And Gone (Lyric Video)

Written spring 2020, recorded spring 2021, and played live ever since, “Dead And Gone” is the second look into a brand-new Chris Shiflett album due out in 2023 via his new label home at Blue Élan Records, the Los Angeles-based independent label celebrating its 9th anniversary this year. Fans will hear more about the Jaren Johnston-produced LP in the coming months but can count on hearing an album that represents Shiflett’s fully-realized vision of connecting L.A. to Nashville. “A big part of my inspiration to work with Jaren on this record was because I knew he’d push me out of my comfort zone into new territory,” Shiflett says. Fans can also check out the first track from the upcoming album, “Black Top White Lines,” at this link.

In addition to the release of “Dead And Gone,” Shiflett was just announced as part of the Americanafest 2023 lineup. The long-running event takes place in Nashville on September 19-23. More information can be found at

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