guitar strings

PG answers some basic questiosn you may have about tuning your guitar!

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If your strings are too crusty to play, you can always boil them and make a hearty soup.

Sometimes—depending on the vibe you’re hunting—new isn’t always best.

Hey, remember that guitar mag article on prepping for studio work? The one that said you should always change strings before recording because you want the brightest, loudest, most accurately intonated sound? I've edited words to that effect often over the years.

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Do thicker strings make you a better player? Let's find out!

Stevie Ray Vaughan's influence on gear and gearheads has been gigantic. Back in the '80s, it seemed as if he almost single-handedly resurrected the Stratocaster, helping boost vintage Strats into a mythic realm. And who else did more to bring the worship of vintage Fender amps to a whole new level?

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