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Cosmodio Instruments Launches the Pet Yeti

Cosmodio Instruments Launches the Pet Yeti

Cosmodio Instruments, a new effect pedal and electronic musical instrument manufacturer based in Massachusetts, has launched its first product: the Pet Yeti distortion and fuzz pedal.

The Pet Yeti is an all-analog distortion machine designed to offer a massive variety of distortion sounds that can range from refined to extreme and even bizarre. It delivers a completely novel design, not based on any pre-existing circuit or pedal archetype, and offers musicians a fresh take on distortion and fuzz. It’s purpose-built for use with any instrument and excels at processing not only electric guitars, but also bass guitars, drum machines, acoustic-electric stringed instruments, and synthesizers.

The Pet Yeti’s distortion capabilities include an expansive gain range with cascading gain stages, selectable clipping configurations (including symmetrical, asymmetrical, silicon, germanium, and op-amp clipping), and an analog bit crusher. The pedal’s five-knob control set includes Gain and output Level knobs; a Shape knob for controlling pre-distortion low-end; and a Tone knob for adjusting post-distortion EQ. It also offers a Clean knob for controlling a parallel unmodified signal path that can be independently mixed into the output signal. This Clean blend allows for layered, multi-dimensional tones, and retains low-end and crystalline transients that are critical to instruments like bass and percussion.

The Pet Yeti’s tone sculpting capabilities are enhanced by three toggle switches:

  • “Voice” selects between three different clipping configurations – essentially different flavors of distortion and tone.
  • “Bite” activates/deactivates the analog bit crusher, which smashes your signal into a square wave to provide some of the most extreme hard clipping and gating physically possible. At lower gain settings this produces fun gated lo-fi video game-like tones. At high gain settings, it becomes a searing torrent of extreme blown-out fuzztortion.
  • “Strength” controls the first gain stage which boosts the input signal to determine how hard to hit the main gain stage. Choose “Lo” for more headroom, “Hi” for more breakup,“Max” for all-out mayhem.

The Pet Yeti is approachable and easy to use, despite its advanced feature set. Its carefully spaced control layout is optimized for easy spontaneous adjustments. Its top-mounted input, output, and power jacks ensure an efficient footprint on a pedalboard or desktop. You can choose between two color schemes: “Neon Nuclear Wasteland” and “Dark Doomy Deathscape” featuring stunning faceplate artwork by accomplished pop-artist GOLDSUIT.

Pet Yeti features include:

  • True bypass switching
  • 9-volt operation via external power supply - no battery compartment
  • Built in USA

The Pet Yeti carries a $219 street price.

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