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A leaner, meaner homage to Roland's radical Jet Phaser. The PG MSL Pedals Night Witch review.

Well glued-together fuzz 'n' phase sounds. Enhanced control compared to original Jet Phaser. Independent phase and fuzz operation. Fantastic graphics!

Maybe a touch too much evidence of handcraft for a $300 pedal.


MSL Night Witch


The original Roland Jet Phaser, which combined the 8-stage phaser from their AP-2 with a menacing fuzz/distortion (the circuit from the awesome Roland Bee Baa is a good bet) made a seriously mighty roar. But it wasn't the most flexible pedal in the world. For starters, you could not operate the brawny fuzz independent of the phaser. And while the combined sounds were fantastic, there weren't a ton of ways to fine-tune them apart from a few preset voices, the resonance control, and the jet level, which regulated the gain intensity.

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