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Walrus Audio Introduces the Fundamental Ambient

Walrus Audio Introduces the Fundamental Ambient

A compact reverb pedal with three atmospheric modes for creating deep, lush, or lo-fi textures.

Walrus Audio adds an experimental offering to the Fundamental Series with an expansive reverb with three atmospheric modes in a compact size called the Fundamental Ambient.

Experience extended decay time that envelops your sound in a rich and immersive atmosphere in any of the three modes:

Deep - A dark ambient reverb with an added low octave, perfect for creating murky, cavernous sustain or adding a touch of moody atmosphere.

Lush - A breathy, expansive reverb featuring ultra-long sustain. Perfect for generating silky pads and immersive soundscapes with every note.

Haze - A textured, lo-fi reverb featuring distortion, sample rate reduction, and a resonant bandpass tone control, great for vintage or experimental tones.

The Fundamental Ambient opens up new possibilities for creating immersive textures and ambient layers, giving guitarists the tools they need to express themselves in unprecedented ways. Walrus wants to make it easy for newer pedal users to dial in precise and emotional sounds, but for these pedals to also be something a professional would be happy taking on tour with them.

The Fundamental Ambient is housed in a matte black diecast enclosure with blue and cream ink. Dimensionsare 4.33” x 2.16” x 1.61”. Power requirements are 9VDC (100mA minimum).

Walrus Audio is offering the Fundamental Ambient at a retail price of $129.

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