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Foxgear Presents the Steve Lukather Signature Echosex 3

Foxgear Presents the Steve Lukather Signature Echosex 3

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their multi-awarded Echosex pedal, Foxgear unveils the Steve Lukather Echosex 3.

Steve has used the Echosex since the beginning, since 2014 he's used it on all of his songs in studio and live, with Toto and Ringo Starr, touring intensively all around the world.

Here’s what Steve says about it: “The Echosex 3° is the most important and used piece of gear i have, it’s always ON and it’s big part of my sound.” (S.Lukather 2023)

Looking to his pedalboard, and how Luke’s legendary Guitar Tech Jon Gosnell has marked the specific Luke’s settings on it with a green marker, Foxgear wanted to keep this detail into the new signature model and share Luke’s fav setting as well. Foxgear group and Luke, wanted to celebrate their long standing friendship and professional relationship with this new product, Plus we have involved the Ed Asner Family Center For Autism, a LA based Charity founded by legendary Actor Ed Asner, supporting autistic children and their families.

Gurus/Foxgear will proudly be donating part of the proceeds of the Luke’s Signature Echosex 3 to support this worthy charity.


  • latest version of our multi-awarded Echosex
  • Hi-Voltage tube preamp section faithfully reproducing the Binson Echorec preamp.
  • Simple use simulating only one Echorec playback head that can be adjusted in delay time.
  • Self-calibrating Tap Tempo.
  • 100% Analog signal path
  • Relay assisted true bypass
  • 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Steve Lukather’s Signature
  • Donating to Ed Asner’s Family Center for Autism

More info at $429.00 USD.