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Fractal Audio Announces Axe-Fx III Firmware v22

Fractal Audio Announces Axe-Fx III Firmware v22

Firmware 22 introduces an array of features and improvements, most notably new DynaCab technology, and a fresh amp model — the “Revv Gen” — based on the highly revered RevvTM Generator 120.

DynaCab brings new speaker simulation realism and ease of use to the Axe-Fx III. For decades, artists, producers, and engineers have carefully positioned and mixed mics on guitar speaker cabs in pursuit of great tone. DynaCab replicates this process in a revolutionary way. Now, users can hear results in real-time while graphically moving a virtual mic on a virtual speaker. Compared to previous techniques, DynaCab makes it far faster, easier, and more intuitive to find the tone you’re looking for. Key features include:

  • Full 2048-sample DynaCab IRs.
  • Fine spatial resolution sampling for mic positions.
  • Four microphone choices: Condenser, Ribbon, and two Dynamic types
  • Thirty-nine different classic and modern guitar and bass cabs to choose from.
  • Combine up to four DynaCab selections per Cab block channel.
  • Automatic time alignment for mix-and-match flexibility at any mic distance.

New “Legacy Mode” in the Cab block preserves the previous style of operation and ensures that older presets still work perfectly under the new firmware.

Firmware 22 also adds a new amp model — the “Revv Gen” — based on a Revv Generator 120. There are three models for each of the Purple and Red channels corresponding to the three levels of the amp’s “Aggression” switch. We were incredibly impressed by the sound of this amp and thank Revv Amplification for their cooperation in the release of this official model.

Other major improvements include “Auto Dyna-Cab Impedance” in the Amp block, faster, smoother Amp block channel switching, and more.

Fractal Audio is dedicated to continual improvement through innovation to ensure superior sound and the best features and experience for our customers.

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