Fredric Effects

A classically voiced fuzz that combines two complete circuits in parallel.

We waited a good while before bringing out our version of the classic Fuzz Face circuit. After all, this is one of the most widely cloned pedals, the basis for many boutique fuzzes. What new could Fredric Effects bring to this effect? The answer is versatility and tweakability.

By combining TWO complete circuits run in parallel - a negative ground Silicon transistor FF and a positive ground Germanium transistor FF - with a switch to choose between them and individual bias controls for each circuit. So you could have a smooth sustainy Germanium fuzz, then flick to a gated and splatty Silicon fuzz or vice versa. Running these positive and negative ground circuits simultaneously is made possible by use of a voltage converter. Each Germanium transistor in the DuoFace is measured by hand to be in the correct gain and leakage range for a great sounding Germanium fuzz!

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Frederic Effects

Bogner's beastliest amp is made miniature—and still slays.

Excellent sounds in a portable and very affordably priced package.

A footswitchable clean channel and onboard reverb would make it perfect.


Bogner Ecstasy Mini


The original Bogner Ecstasy, released in 1992, is iconic in heavy rock circles. Though it was popularized and preferred by rock and metal artists (Steve Vai and Brad Whitford were among famous users), its ability to move from heavy Brit distortion to Fender-like near-clean tones made it appealing beyond hard-edged circles. Even notorious tone scientist Eric Johnson was enamored with its capabilities.

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