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LPD Pedals Releases the Seventy4 Deluxe

LPD Pedals Releases the Seventy4 Deluxe

An all-analog, two-channel overdrive preamp pedal designed for guitarists seeking 70’s era British style tones in a versatile dual-channel package.

Adding to the company’s line of innovative effects, LPD Pedals has launched the new Seventy4 Deluxe preamp. The Seventy4 Deluxe is an all-analog, two-channel overdrive preamp pedal designed for the discerning musician seeking 70’s era British style tones in a versatile dual-channel package.

The Red channel features LPD’s original Seventy4 circuit, capturing the immediacy and intensity of a golden-era British full-stack amp. The Green channel is a new design specifically made to compliment the original Seventy4 (Red) channel. It adds low-mid girth to the pedal’s sonic profile. Each channel has a new Voice switch which brings two individual tone foundations per channel, for increased versatility. LPD’s Lawrence Petross—drawing upon over fifteen years of experience building amps and pedals—devoted countless hours to designing and perfecting the circuit found in the Seventy4 Deluxe.

The Seventy4 Deluxe Features:

  • Level and Gain controls per channel
  • 2-position toggle switch on each channel to select varying Voices
  • Global 4-knob EQ controls: Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence
  • Soft Touch Switches for turning effect on/off and selecting channel
  • 9-volt operation using standard external supply (no battery compartment)
  • Made in Mesa AZ USA

The street price for the Seventy4 Deluxe is $299.99 and it is available at

LPD Seventy4 Deluxe dual overdrive distortion featuring RJ Ronquillo

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