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MayFly Introduces the Demon Girl Fuzz

MayFly Introduces the Demon Girl Fuzz

Inspired by the great English Fuzz boxes of the 1960s, this four-transistor fuzz features a unique crush control that operates as a combination tone and compression knob.

MayFly Audio Systems has introduced The Demon Girl, a four-transistor fuzz inspired by the classic English fuzz boxes from the 1960s. Sporting artwork by Sabine Elliott, the Demon Girl features three control knobs: Volume, Fuzz, and a unique Crush control that reduces highs at the same time as it increases sustain. Unlike a typical “tone” knob, the Demon Girl’s Crush control actively beefs up your sound.

  • Four transistor fuzz with epic tone, inspired by classic English fuzz boxes.
  • Unique Crush control adds sustain while controlling highs.
  • Full bypass using relays with Fail Safe
  • 9-volt using standard external DC power – no battery compartment
  • Hand-made in Canada

The Demon Girl pedal interacts very well with your guitar’s volume control. You can go from clean to flat out with just one turn, and it offers plenty of volume on tap to overdrive your amp. It sounds particularly marvelous after a wah pedal.

The Demon Girl carries an MSRP of $149 USD ($199 CAD).

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MayFly Demon Girl Introduction