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MayFly Introduces the Jellyfish Dual Reverb

MayFly Introduces the Jellyfish Dual Reverb

The Jellyfish is designed to be a stage-ready, studio-quality digital reverb with a stereo signal path.

The Jellyfish is designed to switch between two independent reverb settings: ‘A’ side, and ‘B’side. Each side has controls for Pre-Delay, Dwell, and Reverb level. Tweak one side for a spring reverb sound, set the other for a full-on ambient canyon. Switch between the two at a touch of a button. Glorious soundscapes on stage or in the studio!

The Jellyfish features a stereo signal path. Not forgetting our legion of guitar players it has a mono input mode. The mono source is run to both Left and Right reverb channels, which provides a rich, deep reverb. This mode creates a stereo output with a remarkably wide stereo image.

The Jellyfish features two outputs: a TRS stereo output, and a mix-mono output. The mix-mono output has the Left and Right channels mixed together. This allows folks with a mono signal path to experience that glorious stereo reverb. Both output jacks are independent and always on: use the mix-mono into your amp, and run the stereo output to your DAW or PA.

The Jellyfish includes a tails switch. With tails on, the reverb decays naturally when you bypass the effect. When off, the reverb cuts off abruptly when bypassed – this can be very dramatic on stage and allow the player to get tight with reverb.

Once again Mayfly artist Sabine Elliott has outdone herself. The artwork of the Jellyfish is gorgeous.

  • Digital reverb with dual foot-selectable settings (A-side and B-side)
  • Each side has independent controls for Dwell, Pre-delay, and Reverb level
  • Easy to dial up beautiful soundscapes for stage, in the PA, or in the studio
  • Stereo signal path featuring TRS in and out jacks
  • Mono input mode: splits a mono source to Left and Right reverb channels to create a stereo image
  • Stereo output using a TRS jack – great for your PA feed
  • Mix-mono output: mixes the Left and Right outputs together for your amp
  • Tails switch. When on, reverb decays naturally when effect is bypassed. The creative potential of this feature is unique
  • 9-volt using standard external DC power – no battery compartment
  • Made in Canada

The Jellyfish MSRP $279.00 USD ($375.00 CAD) Available for purchase at, or through Mayfly’s dealer network.

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Introducing the Mayfly Jellyfish Reverb