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Missing Link Audio Unveils the Superb Reverb

Missing Link Audio Unveils the Superb Reverb

This is the debut model in their amplifier series of pedals: a full-amp-stack-in-a-box pedal that features the legendary tones of the black panel super reverb amplifier with controllable EQ and several added features like master volume and gain control.

Based on the Fender Super Reverb amplifier from the mid-1960s, the Superb Reverb layout couldn’t be simpler to use. The tone stack consists of Bass / Mid / Treble and includes a welcome addition to the original: a Presence control has been added over a bright switch for more tonal shaping.

Unlike other black panel pedals on the market, the Superb Reverb adds another great feature with its onboard reverb and a separate on/off switch. Using the Verb control knob you can dial in a light touch of reverb, all the way up to giant washes of Fender-style spring reverb.

The pedal’s Gain control lets you adjust the amount of overdriven tube-like tones as if you were cranking a super up to 10. You don't need an extra overdrive to push the Superb Reverb into saturated lead tones -- it achieves this effect naturally. The pedal’s Master Volume allows you to set the amount of output volume you want delivered to your amp.

Each pedal offers the following features:

  • Master Volume, Gain, Reverb, along with Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence
  • Die-cast aluminum cases for gig-worthy durability.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt DC input
  • Made in the USA

Missing Link Audio’s Superb Reverb Pedal is available for a Suggested Retail Price of $249.99 at

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