Peavey Electronics Expands Delta Woods Series with New Classical Models

Peavey Electronics puts a classical spin on an American tradition with the introduction of four new Delta Woods™ Classical Nylon String acoustic guitars. The CNS-1, CNS-2, CNS-CE (cutaway, acoustic-electric), and CNS-3/4 each offer classical styling with tailored high-end appointments and truss rods. The high-quality build, combined with a minimalistic finish, delivers the rich tonal resonance, premium playability and durability Peavey's Delta Woods Series is known for.

Each Delta Woods CNS model starts with a classical body shape and a laminated spruce top finished in Natural Gloss. The series splits in wood choice for the back and sides, as the CNS-1 and CNS-3/4 use linden (basswood), and the CNS-2 and CNS-CE use mahogany. On each model, the hand-carved body bracing promotes the natural resonance of the tone woods. 5-ply black-white purling provides an extra touch of sophistication.

The CNS-1, CNS-2, and CNS-CE are identical in body length and depth, measuring 19 inches long and 4.5 inches deep, with a 25.5-inch (348 mm) scale length and generous 2-inch (52 mm) nut width. As its name implies, the smaller-framed CNS-3/4 offers a three-quarters body size with the unique measurements of a 22.83-inch (580 mm) scale length and 1.89-inch (48 mm) nut width. The CNS-CE is a standout as the lone cutaway and acoustic-electric of the group. The 3-band EQ and Presence control provide tone-shaping and easy connection to any amplifier or audio system, while the on-board chromatic tuner helps to ensure the guitar's stage-readiness.

The Delta Woods CNS models are simple yet strong with an okume neck, supported by a dual-action truss rod. While not commonly used in nylon string guitars, Peavey goes the extra mile to install one to ensure durability and performance. The traditional C-shape, flat radius, and 19-fret composite fingerboard provide the tactile familiarity classical-style players expect. The neck design is complemented by the reliable ABS nut and saddle and sturdy walnut bridge. At the slotted headstock, elegant gold tuning machines with mica buttons ensure tuning stability. Strap buttons are included on each model to accommodate playing comfort.

While Peavey's Delta Woods Series debuted with traditional dreadnoughts, the introduction of Classical Nylon String models provides a welcomed stylistic expansion. The CNS models are built to last with excellent playability, tone, and volume, inviting players to express themselves through fingerstyle flair.

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Fat tones from a sweet niche where Les Paul, Gretsch, and Telecaster share the limelight.

Copious, unexpected tones. Cool, useful bass contour control. Very nice build quality. Excellent value.



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