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Pickup LesLee Introduces Onboard Tremolo Effect

Pickup LesLee Introduces Onboard Tremolo Effect

Available in a variety of configurations, it comes as an easy to install wiring-unit with an integrated motherboard, that generates a distinct, percussive tremolo effect, simply by auto-alternating your pickup signals.

Pickup LesLee has introduced an onboard tremolo effect for electric guitars. Available in a variety of configurations, it comes as an easy-to-install wiring unit with an integrated motherboard, that generates a distinct, percussive tremolo effect, simply by auto-alternating your pickup signals. It optimizes and automates what Jimi Hendrix did by wiggling his selector switch.

The install kit is available for seven famous electric guitar models: Fender: Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Tele Deluxe, Tele Custom, and Gibson Les Paul. Units for other models are made on request.LesLee prices range from $240 to $255 (excl. VAT), depending on the particular model.

What are the technical conditions for LesLee? First, the original pickups remain in the guitar and their pure passive-analog signals are being processed. Second, the unit installs into the existing cavities and mounting holes of the particular guitar model - leaving the instrument 100% reversible to its original state. Third, the wiring harness comes with push-pull potentiometers adding the needed extra functions (ON/OFF and mono/stereo). Fourth, the needed power is supplied by a super-capacitor instead of a battery, which is charged within seconds via the regular output jack. Fifth, LesLee comes with a split stereo cable and offers dual outputs for 2-channel recording or playing two amps.

Invented by Pascal Stoffels, Pickup LesLee has been offered exclusively in collaboration with Deimel Guitarworks as a custom option in their astonishing handcrafted guitars. Now Pickup LesLee is available for the first time as an aftermarket product for electric guitars. The new unit is an overhauled and miniaturized version for guitar players to use in their own instruments and enjoy that distinct percussive LesLee tremolo sound.

The unit comes as a retrofit kit with a straightforward installation manual (PDFs are viewable on the website for each of the seven available models). LesLee doesn’t change the look nor the regular functionality of the guitar - and very importantly, the hardware remains untouched and so the value of the instrument is fully preserved.

The speed range of LesLee goes beyond a regular tremolo effect and allows for soundscape experiments with its super slow alternation and adds a robo-voice vibe when at the highest speeds - additionally it offers auto-stutter mode when one pickup is muted. Click below for sound examples.


  • Onboard automated pickup alternation• with speed and intensity controls
  • Fully analog signal processing & true bypass
  • Speed range from 0.4 to 12Hz
  • Mono and stereo modes
  • Auto-stutter mode
  • Onboard super-cap with extreme longevity and 10 sec. super fast charging (no on-board battery)
  • 8h of effect time per charge (one-week stand-by)
  • Easy-to-follow installation manuals in print and PDF
  • Available for 7 famous guitar models*
  • Custom versions on request ​

LesLee® - explained

*Pickup LesLee is available for: Fender: Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Telecaster Deluxe & Custom Gibson: Les Paul, SG (available soon)

Pickup LesLee is priced at $240 - $255 excl. VAT (depending on model) and is available for purchase at

For more information, please visit

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