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Prismatone Launches New Classic Model Pickups

Prismatone pickups

A rare and coveted acoustic guitar pickup from the 1960s known as the Prismatone is back by popular demand and now being released in a limited-edition run by Austin-based guitar company Prismatone Pickups.

The special Prismatone Classic model is designed for nylon string acoustic guitars and stays true to the original version with its unique piezo-electric alchemy and iconic tone setting it apart from other acoustic guitar pickups on the market. Played by greats including Willie Nelson, Jerry Reed, Glen Campbell, Chet Atkins, and other professional musicians, the Prismatone has long been reputed for its incredible resistance to feedback during live performances and revered for how it amplifies nylon string acoustic guitars through its unique technology and design.

Developed and engineered to exacting specs with period-correct components made in the USA, each new Prismatone Classic pickup is hand-built, numbered, tuned, and tested at the company’s headquarters in the Live Music Capital of the World and features Prismatone’spatented construction, innovative intonation screw system, vintage-gauge wiring and emblematic gold enclosure to deliver the legendary Prismatone sound.

Key Features of new Prismatone Classic Model Pickup:

  • Amplifies and Enhances the Natural Tone of Nylon String Guitars
  • Resists Feedback Issues that Plague Other Nylon String Pickups
  • Vintage-Era and Modern-Era Preamp Options Available
  • Choice of Custom Rosewood Bridges in a Variety of Styles
  • Lutherie Installation Services Available

The new Prismatone Classic Pickup (MSRP $1095) is available now with an introductory Sale Price of $995.

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The Prismatone is Back! Ad with Erlewine Guitars and Eastside Music School in Austin