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Ruokangas Unveils the Valvebucker Mk2

Ruokangas Unveils the Valvebucker Mk2

An upgrade to its 2019 model, the Mk2 is now available for 4 and 5 string basses and includes a redesigned floor unit.

The 1st gen Valvebucker was launched in 2019. It gained publicity at the time, being the first and only vacuum tube-powered active pickup system ever for electric guitars. The key Mk2 upgrades are:

  • Available now for 4- and 5-stringed Ruokangas basses
  • Available now for 7-stringed Ruokangas guitars
  • Completely new visual design
  • The redesigned floor unit features now a balanced output (works as a DI box) as well
  • The floor unit is now always matched in color with the instrument


  • A sensitive magnetic pickup capsule, capturing the instrument sound in high fidelity
  • Tube-powered proprietary preamp circuit
  • One pickup - but a wide variety of sounds
  • Military-grade triode and pentode NOS tubes with a lifetime warranty
  • A floor unit included, to connect the Valvebucker® -equipped included to the rest of your signal chain
  • A 12VAC power supply included
  • A 10-foot XLR cable included

Markus Setzer - Improvisation / Valvebucker demo

The Valvebucker Mk2 is available as a custom option for Ruokangas guitars and basses, adding 2000€ / US $2,200.00 to the basic cost of an ordered instrument. The Valvebucker is not available as an aftermarket/retrofit product.

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