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Supercool Pedals Releases the Zig-Zag Analog Chorus-Vibrato

Supercool pedals Zig-Zag

The Zig-Zag offers a unique take on the classic EHX “Small Clone” circuit that features more customizable control and a true analog bucket brigade chip.

Supercool Pedals has unveiled the first modulation pedal in their lineup with the Zig-Zag Analog Chorus-Vibrato. The carefully designed circuitry also allows for a quieter noise floor than that of its influence, with less tonal coloration in the duplicated signal, allowing for use as a natural analog vibrato effect in addition to a classic chorus sound. The Zig-Zag's carefully tuned range and control makes it capable of achieving a wide range of pitch-based sounds, varying from subtle seasick warbles to all-out manic pitch madness.

Introducing the ZIG-ZAG Analog Chorus-Vibrato by Supercool Pedals

Supercool’s ZIG-ZAG includes these features:

  • True analog Bucket Brigade circuitry for rich and natural-sounding pitch modulation.
  • Two knobs: DEPTH to control intensity of pitch modulation, and SPEED to control the rate.
  • A 2-position toggle switches between the signal-doubled CHORUS mode and the modulated-only VIBRATO mode.
  • Blue LED allows users to see the rate of modulation regardless of signal bypass.
  • True-bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt DC power from external supply, no battery compartment.
  • Made in Canada.

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