TC Electronic SkySurfer Mini

A compact reverb machine that features three classic modes.

The Skysurfer Mini Reverb brings you a premium – yet affordable, reverb solution armed with 3 studio-grade algorithms created by TC Electronic and housed in a compact, rugged metal box. Skim effortlessly across a deep-blue, churning ocean; swim in a cavernous grotto; or soar through the ambient spray of the surf…

It offers 3 'bread and butter' reverb flavors via its on-board mode switch. SPRING recreates all of the drip and splash of an old-school reverb tank like you will find in a vintage tube amp. PLATE enables you to mimic classic studio reverbs and HALL covers a full range of tones from earthy and organic to full-on interstellar spaceflight.

The pedal provides all the lush, transparent reverb sounds you could ever dream of – without compromising your original tone. The onboard TONE knob lets you tailor the sound of your reverbs decay to embellish and complement whatever you're putting through this powerful little pedal.

SKYSURFER MINI REVERB - Official Product Video

Ever conscious that your pedal collection may be growing whilst your pedalboard may not, SKYSURFER MINI REVERB comes housed in an ultra-compact shell with top-mounted jacks. This allows flush pedalboard mounting so you can squeeze more pedals into your rig than ever before.

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