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Xaviere Guitars Unveils New Semi-Hollow PRO930 Guitar Model

Xaviere Guitars Unveils New Semi-Hollow PRO930 Guitar Model

A uniquely shaped take on a classy style semi-hollow guitar that adds punchy attitude and tone without the complications of feedback.

The PRO930 Features:

  • A pair of GFS “Fat Pat” Alnico pickups with the proprietary Kwikplug System, which allows for instant pickups changes with no soldering.
  • All PRO930 Guitars feature a multi-ply, all maple laminated construction.
  • A solid maple center block running the length of the body.
  • All of the groovy goodness of a Semi-Hollow guitar, minus the F-Holes for a warmer, fuller sound with more resistance to feedback than a typical semi-hollow model.
  • 22 nickel silver hand-polished frets on a solid walnut fingerboard.
  • Coil taps for both pickups.​

The Xaviere PRO930 guitars are designed at Guitarfetish’s headquarters in Sarasota, FL, and have a retail price of $799 but may be ordered directly from the website for a street price of $349.

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