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Xaviere Guitars Launches the Pro Series 845

Xaviere Guitars Launches the Pro Series 845

A semi-hollow model that aims to combine vintage jangle and T-style twang.

Sarasota, FL (October 24, 2019) --, exclusive distributor for the Xaviere Guitar Brand, today announces the release of the PRO845 Series guitars.

The PRO845 features a semi-hollow alder body with F hole, Canadian Hard Rock Maple neck, the familiar TE-style single cutaway body and a pair of acclaimed GFS “Metal Foil” pickups. The Metal Foil pickups give the PRO845 all the twang and bite of a classic Tele-style guitar, with the shimmering jangle associated with many of the lo-fi guitars of the '60s and '70s.

Xaviere guitars are sold directly from the Guitarfetish warehouse with no dealers or additional markups. The PRO845 retails for $429 but sells directly from for $229.

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