Yamaha Introduces a New Generation of Revstar Guitars

A renewed lineup of Revstar electric guitars feature a unique 5-way switching circuit and comes in three tiers: Element, Standard, and made-in Japan Professional.

All new Revstar models feature unique switching options for increased versatility. Revstar Element models feature the Dry Switch high-pass filter introduced in the original series. Revstar Standard and Professional models, available with either humbuckers or P90-style single-coil pickups, feature the Focus Switch—a passive boost function that evokes the sound of overwound pickups—as well as a unique five-way switching circuit that offers a new twist on classic “in-between” sounds.

The new Revstar series comes in three tiers: Element, Standard, and the made-in-Japan Professional. All models feature chambered bodies developed with the signature Yamaha Acoustic Design process. Using advanced measurement and modeling tools, Yamaha developed the chambering pattern to precisely shape tone and increase resonance while lowering weight and optimizing balance. The renewed lineup also introduces a new neck profile across all models, a new range of racing inspired finishes, and the first left-handed models in the series’ history.

Yamaha | Revstar Series | Cardinal Black Perform at Rockfield Studios

RSP02T/RSP20 MSRP: $3,200.00.

RSS02T/RSS20/RSS20L MSRP: $1,260.00 and $1,340.00 left-handed models.

RSE20/RSE20L MSRP: $786.00 and $864.00 left-handed models.

More info at: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses

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