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Zuta Group Unveils New Triax Analog Pedal

Zuta Group Unveils New Triax Analog Pedal

An analog pedal featuring gate pot control and a color 4-way rotary switch.

Designed to address an issue for guitarists: every amp sounds better when you boost the input signal. Feeding it with a stronger signal makes it work on a totally different level. The sound is amplified, thicker, and more powerful but that’s true for the noise too. Especially in a long chain of effects.

A perfect solution for these tricky situations is a combination of a boost and a gate. A total of 30db transparent BOOST and a unique innovative GATE defined by the fast reaction and smooth transitions, provide a solid punch for the desired tone. On top of that, a COLORswitch allows for a quick and easy mid-tone shaping.


  • GATE pot control
  • COLOR 4-way rotary switch - four different EQ presets
  • BOOST pot control - 30 dB clean gain boost
  • ON/OFF illuminated footswitch
  • True bypass
  • Input and output jacks
  • DC power input.

MSRP: $199. For more information, please visit