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Nordstrand Pickups Introduces the 2b+ Preamp

Nordstrand Pickups Introduces the 2b+ Preamp

The preamp offers up to 15 dB of gain via a trim pot on the circuit board.

Redlands, CA (February 10, 2017) -- The new 2-band preamp offers flexibility, practical simplicity, and amazing tone-shaping potential. Offering more boost than our standard 2-band preamp the 2B+ can really beef up your lows and polish your highs. There’s a dip switch for shifting the treble EQ point and the adjustable gain trim pot allows you to increase the overall output just like you can with our other on board preamps.

2b+ preamp specs:

  • Overall gain is 0 to 15db by a trim pot on the circuit board.
  • Bass +15db @ 50Hz
  • Treble +15db @4khz
  • Switchable treble response curve
  • Battery life is estimated to be around 250 hours for an alkaline 9V. Adding a battery to make it 18v will give more headroom and longer life.

Extensively designed, tested and built in the Nordstrand shop in Redlands, California, these pickups are available now at select dealers. Street prices start at $88.50 per set.

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