The new Rockerverb II builds on the proven formula of the company''s classic Rockerverb line while improving the specification and range available.

Atlanta, GA (February 3, 2010) -- Orange amps are proud to announce the launch of the new Rockerverb II, which builds on the proven formula of the company's classic Rockerverb line while improving the specification and range available.

Over the years Orange has listened carefully to feedback from their endorsers and players around the world and they are now ready to launch the next generation of world class guitar amps.

The New Rockerverb II series includes the following new specifications and changes:

- Enhanced valve F/X loop offering a totally transparent sound
- Improved reverb tone which delivers an unforgettable sound across all levels
- New middle control on the clean channel
- Re-designed combo’s with new front mounted controls
- Range now includes new Rockerverb 50 watt 1x12 model with new spec 2xEL34 valves

All models are built using tried and tested top quality components and deliver the legendary Orange sound, from chiming tube-driven reverbs to sparkling tube-driven effects loops and ultra-high gain distortions.

The Rockerverb 50 head, Rockerverb 100 head and Rockerverb 50 (2x12 and 1x12) combo’s will be launched in March 2010 with the new upgrades.

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Wide range of tones. Unique fuzz tones. Easy to control. Very responsive to picking dynamics and other effects.

Bias and tone controls would benefit from detents.


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