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Orange Introduces Limited Edition '09 White Finish

Orange debuts white tolex for the first time for 2009 only.

Hetfordshire, UK (March 3, 2008) -- British amplifier manufacturer Orange has for decades produced their instantly recognizable, brightly colored Orange Amplifiers, picture-frame cabinets and more recently they have offered Black as a standard option.

Orange is now announcing a ‘limited edition 2009’ white finish on their UK-built valve amps and cabs. The cabs have a stunning white finish, complete with black fittings and come with the classic Orange front grill cloth, Orange logo and crest. This finish has previously only been available for artist’s special orders and is now being offered as a special limited edition for the duration of 2009 and will cease to be obtainable thereafter.

The white finish has already been used by artists as diverse as Madonna, Monte Pittman and The View. Following numerous requests, Orange is able to offer this for a limited time only, at the same price as existing Orange amps and heads.

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