Peavey and Zivix announced their partnership and debut of a guitar/controller and software that combine music and gaming.

Las Vegas, NV (May 26, 2010) -- Peavey Electronics announces their partnership with Zivix, a software developing company. The two are introducing the Peavey HeroMaker, a full-sized six-string electric guitar and software controller, and the Jam Party: Be the Music software.

With Jam Party software, users can be producers, mix-masters, and lead guitarists all rolled into one.

The guitar controller and software usher in a new generation of Guitar Hero and Rock Band users, who will be able to transition their mastery of the traditional rhythm based music games into an actual live player controlled musical journey through pick-up & play music creation combining both music and gaming. Players can use either their existing USB supported guitar controllers for Jam Party, computer keyboard, mouse or the new full-sized HeroMaker guitar.

Peavey will distribute the full boxed version of Jam Party, which will be released this fall at all major retailers., and the major casual gaming digital networks will be releasing a lighter digital version in June which will feature a 60 minute free trial. The guitar controller will be available early 2011. Peavey will debut both products at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) booth 5727.

For more information:
Peavey Electronics
Jam Party

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