PG Perks: Carvin Audio Giveaway!

You could WIN a S500 StageMate™ Battery Powered 5 Channel Column Array System in this week's exclusive PG Perks Giveaway! Ends May 5, 2022.

S500 StageMate™ Battery Powered 5 Channel Column Array System

CARVIN AUDIO’s S500 StageMate™ Battery Powered 5 Channel Column Array System is a state-of-the-art powered PA for live sound, delivering pristine intelligibility from 400 watts of CLASS D bi-amp power. Exceptional frequency response provides dynamic bass and shimmering highs for strings & vocals - perfect for acoustic & electric guitars.

The S500 is a must-have system that every pro musician should keep in their arsenal for quick setups with no need for AC power. Perfect for weddings or other outdoor events, with fast charging times the S500 can be ready at a moment’s notice, and the entire system fits in the included CBS500 Carry Bag. The S500 is a real workhorse for night after night performance, providing years of service.

Carvin Audio
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