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S.I.T. Strings Perks Prize Package

S.I.T. Strings Perks Prize Package

You could WIN 100 Sets of S.I.T. Strings for you and your band, plus a Reverend Guitars Descent Baritone in this week's exclusive PG Perks giveaway! Ends August 31, 2023.

The winner will receive the following:

72 sets of Powerwound Electric Guitar strings in your choice of size
18 sets of Baritone Electric Strings
10 sets of Powerwound Bass Strings

MSRP - $1000

Reverend Guitars Descent Baritone in Oceanside Green

MSRP $1439

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Power Wound Nickel Electric Guitar Strings

S.I.T. Strings

Power Wound Nickel Electric guitar strings are the perfect choice for electric guitarists seeking superior tone, durability, and versatility. Featuring a high-carbon steel core and nickel-plated steel wrap, these strings offer a balanced and bright sound with excellent sustain. Available in a range of gauges and sets, Powerwound strings are suitable for a variety of playing styles, from rock and metal to blues, jazz and country. Upgrade your sound with Powerwound strings.

Reverend Descent W Baritone Electric Guitar - Oceanside Green

Get ready to throw down with this one – way down. An all-new baritone design with a 26-3/4″ scale neck that’s long enough to deliver thunderous lows, yet short enough to play like a normal guitar. The best of both worlds! Strategically positioned Railhammer Humcutter pickups keep the tone tight, and our custom SIT 12-68 gauge string set (available separately) features a plain 3rd for easy bending. Feeling the itch for that baritone growl, but don’t want to feel like you’re playing a bass? Then the Descent W is your ticket.

Reverend Guitars