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Pocket POD Ships Today

The long-awaited Pocket POD is shipping today

Calabasas, CA (August 8, 2007) – Line 6 announced that the highly anticipated Pocket POD is shipping today. The Pocket POD offers up the ease of use of the original POD with the added benefit of increased portability.

The easy to stash Pocket POD features over 300 presets developed by some of today’s hottest guitarists, shipping with 32 classic and modern amp models, 16 cab models and a 16 different effects, giving the guitarist on the go the flexibility he or she needs when the urge to rock arises.

The Pocket POD offers USB connectivity and free Vyzex editing software, enabling the crafty guitarist with the ability to not only tweak existing presets, but create originals from scratch. Pocket POD users are also encouraged to download any of the 5000 free presets available at

Additional connectivity, including ¼” inputs, 1/8” headphone jack, coupled with the ability to run off of batteries makes the Pocket POD an indispensible practice and travel tool. It is also equally comfortable filling roles previously held by the original POD, such as a front-end recording device and an onstage multi-effects box. The Pocket POD features a user-friendly design, straightforward controls, built-in chromatic tuner and the classic POD tone heard on countless albums.

Pocket POD MSRP: $179.99

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