Port City Amps Releases the Sahana Amp

Port City Amplification has announced the latest addition to their lineup, the 45-watt Sahana head.

Rocky Point, NC (November 24, 2009) -- Port City Amplification has announced the latest addition to their lineup, the 45-watt Sahana. Here are the details from Port City:
"The Sahana is a single channel amp with two footswitchable gain stages. With this feature you have the flexibility of a two channel amp. From semi-clean to all out overdrive the Sahana has the ability to provide amazing tones covering many different styles. It responds very well to the guitars volume control, and to your pick attack. The Sahana is very articulate, and sensitive to your touch. Never overly compressed or muddy. Solid state rectification keeps this amp tight, even when cranked up. Speaking of cranked up, with its master volume the Sahana sounds great to both cranked and at bedroom levels. Hand assembled and hand wired, with no compromises. Simply put the Sahana is a 45 watt tone monster."

• ¾ in. solid pine cabinet (Finger jointed) covered with heavy duty tolex covering
• Aluminum chassis
• Cliff and Switchcraft brand jacks
• Solid metal shaft Alpha potentiometers
• Dale premium metal film resistors
• Custom wound Heyboer output transformer, power transformer, and choke
• Military grade switches
• Metal footswitch included
• List price: $1899

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  • Develop a sense of how to substitute open strings for fretted notes.
  • Create a cascading effect by playing as legato as possible.
  • Understand how open strings fit into many different keys.
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Most guitarists learn the basic scales, patterns, and lines up and down the neck when starting to visualize the fretboard. Working open strings into the mix made my head spin and forced me think of note selection differently. It taught me how to manipulate lines that I’d played for years and breathed new life into those lines simply by adding one key element.
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