Renowned Amp Builder James Brown Starts Amptweaker, Solicits Musician Input

James Brown (5150, JSX) is taking your input on his new pedals and amps hand-built under the Amptweaker moniker.

Batavia, OH (October 13, 2009) -- We recently received word from legendary amp builder James Brown (5150, JSX, '72 Coupe and many, many more) that he would be starting a new venture, Amptweakers, producing hand-built amps and effect while still designing for Kustom. The big news is that he's turning to the gear community for ideas for new models. Accustomed to designing products for artists like Joe Satriani and Eddie Van Halen, and major manufacturers Peavey and Kustom, Brown is hoping to do the same work for your everyday gearheads.

Here's what Brown had to say:
"For the past 23 years, I've been busy designing guitar amps for musicians..... first at Peavey, and lately at Kustom. Well, I'm very excited to announce that I've just launched a new chapter in Amptweakdom..... I'm still designing amps at Kustom as their Chief Engineer, but I've started my own personal company with the intent of building handmade pedals and custom amplifiers: Amptweaker.

"I'm working on a bunch of product ideas, but I've adopted a rather unique approach to product development......... I'm asking people what THEY want me to build. I plan to start this project off by developing some pedals, since they're a little quicker to develop, and that will help fund my bigger custom Fine-Tuned Amplifier project that's also in process.

"So for now I'm asking for ideas for pedals that fill some need we all have...... but for some reason nobody makes. The payback for giving me your golden ideas is that they might actually get built! Just go to and click on the big red Product Ideas box. There are also links to Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter if you're into using those methods for keeping up with what's going on.

"Any help you can give me with your 2 cents worth at or by passing this around to other guitarists would be greatly appreciated. The sooner I get a large sampling of musician feedback, the sooner I can start building products that players truly want and need."
For more information:

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