RiffBook Computer Music Idea Recorder Released

RiffBook for Macintosh provides a virtual "notebook" where riffs can be recorded in the form of audio, video, notation, tab, and text.

San Francisco, CA (October 30, 2009) -- Apparatus Company, Inc. announces the release of their new music software product for Macintosh called RiffBook. RiffBook is a computer "notebook" for music where riffs can be quickly recorded in the form of audio, video, music notation, tablature, and text notes.

RiffBook has come about because so many musicians have lost some of their best works because they couldn't remember that neat riff that they've played the day before. Eventually musicians began taping their sessions, only to end up with a dubious pile of unlabeled tapes with little hope of finding anything again. With RiffBook, musicians can quickly record a piece of music using their computer's built-in microphone or, with the Professional Edition, record a video with their computer's iSight camera. With RiffBook, it is not about getting pristine, production-quality recordings; it's about capturing the moment quickly without the hassles of equipment setup.

Transcriptions and tablature may be entered by dragging and dropping notes onto the staff. Text notes can be added to for just about any purpose such as describing performance notes or to include song lyrics. External document files from other programs may also be linked to a riff. When a file is linked with RiffBook, RiffBook makes an "Open" button that allows for quick opening of the file with the application that created it. This is great for linking files such as Logic Pro recording sessions where with one click, the document opens in Logic Pro. Using linked files in RiffBook, all of a musician's work can be brought together and organized in one place.

RiffBook is great for storing and cataloging riffs that a musician really likes, but has no use for yet in a song. Over time, the riff library in RiffBook will grow so that later, during the songwriting process, RiffBook can be used to search for riffs that meet certain criteria such as chord progression or style. The riff library can also be browsed in order to generate song ideas. Riffs can be organized into song folders within RiffBook in order to group them and to designate them as being already used. This management of in-process work allows musicians to keep track of where they are in the songwriting process.

RiffBook is available in two editions: Standard and Professional. The Professional Edition adds the ability to record video riffs and provides a handy metronome feature. RiffBook Standard is priced at $49.99 while the Professional Edition is $79.99. A full-featured, 30-day demo is available for download at alienapparatus.com/RiffBook.html.

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