Rocktron adds to its Reaction, Boutique and Velocity series just in time for NAMM

Battle Creek, MI (January 7, 2010) -- Rocktron has announced two new pedals and a new power amp for 2010. Here's what Rocktron had to say about their new products:
Reaction Chorus
The Rocktron Reaction Chorus offers a deep palette of warm, lush multi-voiced chorusing. The Reaction Chorus is a pure analog chorus that utilizes the classic BBD sought out and used by the most discriminating players and has the features they demand with transparency, a creamy fluidness of its predecessors, but the ability to leave the tone intact!

Rocktron’s Reaction Series pedals are built into a rugged metal slim form factor chassis, taking up as little space as possible on a pedalboard. The Reaction Chorus is a TRUE BYPASS pedal: when you turn it off…it is out of your signal path! 

Controls include RATE which controls the speed of the LFO waveform used to modulate the delay.  DEPTH controls the delay line maximum travel time and intensity; this adjusts the amount of modulation.  INTENSITY controls the amount of chorus effect that is added to the signal.    

The footswitch on the Reaction Chorus controls On/Off status as shown by the LED indicator.  Reaction stomp boxes run on a 9V Alkaline battery, or may also be powered by Rocktron’s DC OnTap Universal Power Supply adaptor.

Third Angel Distortion
Rocktron is well known for outrageous distortion tones, and the Third Angel Distortion stomp box is no exception. The Third Angel Distortion provides ultra-heavy distortion and tone and serves well with tube amps or solid state amps.

Part of the Rocktron Boutique Series of stomp boxes this pedal design comes in a rugged metal chassis with eye popping retro custom design laser etched artwork. This is a TRUE BYPASS pedal: when you turn it off…it is out of your signal path!

Control knobs for the Third Angel Distortion include LEVEL which controls the output volume of the box. BASS controls bass level, while TREBLE controls the treble level settings. DECIEVE controls the amount of gain. UNRIGHTEOUS controls the distortion waveform symmetry and definition.

The footswitch on the Third Angel Distortion controls On/Off status (indicated by the LED). The Third Angel stomp box runs on a 9V battery or the Rocktron DC OnTap Universal Power Adaptor.

300-Watt Velocity Power Amp
Rocktron’s history of designing power amplifiers specifically for guitar players dates back to  the early 1990’s and the Velocity 300 is the latest in their line of Velocity power amps.

The Velocity 300 provides 150 watts/channel when used in stereo applications or 300 watts mono bridged into a 8 ohm load!

The Velocity 300 has a unique “Reactance” circuit that actually replicates the output impedance of tube amplifiers, providing the same great sound that a tube amplifier delivers in a reliable solid state design. Because it is a variable control, players can customize the Velocity 300 to sound like any of their favorite tube amps.

In addition, Rocktron’s Velocity 300 has “Definition” controls to give that bit of edge needed to bring the playing out in the mix. It also has automatic short circuit protection, which detects problems and shuts down the amplifier before any internal damage can be done.

Other features include: 115/230 VAC voltage selector switch; AC power detect circuit which ensures that the amplifier outputs shut down first when AC is removed thus guarding against any thumps or pops that could otherwise occur, potentially damaging speakers when power is cut to the amplifier; differential input buffers to eliminate ground loop hum coming from the power amp;  over-temperature protection.
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