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Rothwell Audio Products Releases the Tornado

Rothwell Audio Products Releases the Tornado

The Tornado overdrive uses JFETs and a Shift control to produce flexible, tube-like overdriven tones

Lancashire, UK (September 2, 2010) -- Rothwell Audio Products has released their latest pedal, the Tornado. The Tornado is a class A, single-ended overdrive that uses JFETs throughout to effectively act as a pre-amp in the classic guitar amp format, but running from 9 volts rather than 200-300 volts as a standard amp does. The result is an overdriven sound that is much closer to that of an amp but with pedal convenience.

The pedal features Volume, Gain, and Tone controls, and adds a Shift button that alters the response of the tone control, shifting the midrange content and altering the turnover frequency for vintage and modern tone flexibility.

The tornado is priced at £139 (approximately $214).

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