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September 2007 New Products

Deep Frets – Electric Guitar Loop Collection For indie/alt rockers comes’s new electric guitar loop package, Deep Frets – Electric Guitar, features everything from electric power picking, wild

Deep Frets – Electric Guitar Loop Collection

For indie/alt rockers comes’s new electric guitar loop package, Deep Frets – Electric Guitar, features everything from electric power picking, wild riffs, lush melodies, and inspiring progressions. The package has more than 130 loops in ten distinct key sets with both rhythms and melodies. The collection is available via electronic delivery on the Bandmate Loops website.

MSRP $24.95
Deep Frets  Electric Guitar Loop Collection

ProTone Raven Dirty Chorus PedalProTone Raven Dirty Chorus Pedal

Doing double duty as both a guitar and bass effect pedal, the Raven Dirty Chorus reproduces the classic sounds of bassist/ producer Paul Raven. Lurking under the lush chorus is a layer of thick overdrive, designed to meet Raven’s stiff requirements. With a simple flick of the Chop Chop switch, found on the deluxe model only, the chorus converts to a slurred vibrato, allowing for even more tone possibilities. The Kaw switch is another deluxe exclusive and adjusts the bass frequency response for maximum flexibility.

Standard MSRP $199
Deluxe MSRP $249

Taylor GS4-E-LTD Acoustic

Taylor Guitars’ long-standing tradition of Fall Limited Editions takes a new turn in 2007, with offerings in Taylor’s Acoustic and Acoustic/Electric product lines. The GS4-E-LTD is the first-ever Grand Symphony with a satin finish. The GS4-E-LTD has back and sides of Tasmanian Blackwood, a wood similar in both sight and sound to Hawaiian koa. Tasteful, cream-colored binding edges the body and ebony fretboard, which is inlaid with mother-of-pearl dots. The GS4-E-LTD also includes Taylor Acoustics’ Expression System pickup.

MSRP $2198
Taylor GS4-E-LTD Acoustic

How to Modify Guitar PedalsHow to Modify Guitar Pedals

This step by step guide, written by’s Brian Wampler, contains instructions for modifying more than 80 different effect pedals. Even for those with little or no experience in electronics, Wampler’s guide has everything you need to know to turn a cheap pedal into one that will rival any high-dollar, boutique effect. Like all books, How to Modify Guitar Pedals is easy to understand and takes you thoroughly through each step of the project.

MSRP $44.95

DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 Processor

DigiTech presents the first ever processor that generates live multi-part vocal harmony by analyzing chord progressions with its new Vocalist Live 2. The vocal harmony and effects floor processor uses musIQ technology to recognize guitar chords and automatically create harmony without any programming needed. The processor features a selection of voice effects, compressor, reverb and EQ, an onboard chromatic tuner, mic and guitar inputs, and an all-metal chassi

MMSRP $499.95
DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 Processor

Celestion G12 EVH SpeakersCelestion G12 EVH Speakers

Eddie Van Halen has always sworn by original Celestion 20-watt “Greenback” speakers for his sound. Now, Celestion is repaying this loyalty with the G12 EVH. The G12, part of Celestion’s Heritage Series, is a faithful reproduction of the original Greenbacks. For the EVH version, Celestion scrapped the traditional green back, replacing it with black, harkening back to rare “Blackback” speakers. The speakers are made specially for Fender’s EVH 5150-III cabinets.

Speaker and Cab MSRP $1099.99

Zaolla Silverline “The Artist” Instrument Cable

The Artist combines the performance of the company’s unique hybrid conductor with Clear Connect Technology by G&H Industries, which allows the brass tip of the plug to be crimped directly to the conductor of the cable, eliminating the solder joint. Like all Zaolla Silverline designs, The Artist is designed around a solidsilver center conductor, providing increased signal clarity, and is now shipping in straight to straight (3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 feet), straight to right-angle (10, 15, and 20 feet), and pedal effect coupler (6 and 12 inches) configurations.

MSRP $38-$183
Zaolla Silverline The Artist Instrument Cable

Rebel Strap Company Ghost Series StrapsRebel Strap Company Ghost Series Straps

Always on the cutting edge of hip strap design, Rebel Strap Co. announces the Ghost Series. The series features four edgy laser-etched designs for a blackon- black look. “Dust-n-Bones,” “DaVinci,” “Sin City” and “Fractured” feature everything from skulls to classical elements and are sure to support your axe in understated style.

MSRP $29.99

Gig-Fx KiloWah Pedal

Fans of Gig-Fx’s MegaWah pedal will greet the new KiloWah with open arms. The new analog pedal takes all of the versatility and sounds of the MegaWah and condenses them into a mono format, lower-cost version. The pedal features four different wah effects: Cry, a classic wah sound; Mega, with fattened bass; Trig, a musical, funky envelope filter; and Auto, an autowah.

MSRP $249.99
Gig-Fx KiloWah Pedal