Sheptone Announces Jazzbucker Pickups

The Jazzbuckers are any of Sheptone''s humbucker models in a form that fits into Jazzmaster guitars without modification

Port Orchard, WA (October 21, 2010) – Sheptone Pickups has announced the Jazzbucker, a custom humbucking pickup that will fit into the Jazzmaster guitar without any modifications.

The Jazzmaster guitar is originally manufactured with single-coil pickups that have a size and shape unique unto themselves. Their flat and wide coil design differs from the more common high and tight single-coil pickups on the market today. This distinct size and shape of the original design limits guitar players from experimenting with new tones, preventing them the opportunity to modify or replace their pickups without negatively affecting the instruments value. Now, with the Sheptone Jazzbucker, musicians are able to install humbucker pickups to achieve new tones without changing the looks, the pickguard or body of the original guitar.

The Sheptone Jazzbucker uses butyrate bobbins, rough finished Alnico magnets, 42 plain enamel wire, and standard Jazzmaster pole spacing. The Jazzbucker is available in all standard Sheptone humbucker models: Tribute, AB Custom, Brian Kahanek Signature, Blue Sky, and Heartbreaker. Each set includes mounting hardware and choice of custom-drilled cream or black plastic Jazzmaster covers.

To give insight as to what drives Shep’s pursuit, he states “My philosophy is simple...pickups should be transparent and allow the primary tones of the wood to come through. It is a wooden instrument after all. If you really listen to those classic riffs and tones that we all know, you can hear the wood and that is the key. While some secondary tone is inherent to each pickup’s design, the job of the pickup is to respond to the players' touch (dynamics), enhance the natural harmonics and overtones that accompany each note, and transfer this "voice" to the rest of the signal chain.” MSRP $229-$259

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