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Solid Cables Announces Eleph Speaker Cable

Solid Cables Announces Eleph Speaker Cable

Solid Cables has unveiled its entry into the speaker cable market

Pasadena, CA (November 26, 2009) – Solid Cables, manufacturer of painstakingly detailed and handmade audio cables has unveiled its entry into the speaker cable market.The new Eleph speaker utilizes ultra pure copper conductor of different diameters to better carry the full frequency spectrum of sound any amplifier could create.In doing this, the Eleph cable provides a truly transparent link between the amplifier and the speaker.

Solid Cables believes they are the first to make the innovation of using not only an ultra pure copper 10 gauge conductor, but one made up of different diameter strands to better carry the full spectrum of sound. The conductors are in a helical wind pattern to resist electrical and mechanical noise and housed in a 6000 PSI tear resistant armor. All conductors are permanently isolated in an avionics grade adhesive to eliminate internal breakage, shorting or solder joint failure.

Features include:
• Suspended polymer insulator
• All metal shell
• Armor and ends permanently fused with avionics grade heat shrink
• Hand soldered using premium audio grade silver alloy
• Helical wound ultra pure copper conductor, multiple diameter
• Quadruple strain relief
• 6000 PSI tear resistant protective outer armor
• Available with Speakon™ connectors
• Available in Carbon Black only

MSRP: $135 for 3’ Eleph speaker cable

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